Dosing Systems

EasyBack - trendsetting technology in the dough production

For more than 15 years STARK engineering designs and develops the latest dosing systems for the dough production in the bakery industry. In the past, sales and distribution of the dosing controller had been carried out by HEFELE bakery technology in Blaustein (Germany) and after take-over also by AT product technology in Lauda, Königshofen.

Due to the long-lasting engineering experience of our employees and the close contact with the bakeries we expanded our previous product range and offer the new and innovative EasyBack dosing system including a user friendly 17 '' touch panel. The modular structured software enables an optimal use of EasyBack in bakery workshops, chain bakeries and industrial bakeries.

A matching solution for every usage:

EasyBack Lite

Modern Technology for bakery workshops

Small and medium sized bakery shops have to bear up against the rising of operation costs, competition pressure and rapid innovation, as well. With EasyBack Lite you have the outstanding possibility to catch up with the latest technology and to be prepared for the future. We offer future oriented technology in the field of dosing systems, which promises a high- quality end product by the use of optimal mixing proportion.Simple application in the bakery shop by the use of a touch-screen monitor, sensitive sensor technology guarantees  an optimal mixing proportion and computer assisted controlling assures consistent and high-quality products.Administration of data and recipes can be carried out directly from your office computer. The possibility of a future upgrading guarantees you the highest possible flexibility for your future planning.


Innovative, multi-user dosing system

The multi-user EasyBack system was consistently advanced, especially for the usage in middle-sized bakeries, chain bakeries or in large industrial bakery companies. EasyBack dosing system forms the main platform for reliable and high-quality dough production within your company. One the one hand all kinds of auxiliary equipment can be connected to EasyBack and on the other hand all product data can be summarized via an intelligent data base and made available to the complete bakery company for further processing (i.e. materials administration programms) Additionally , EasyBack serves its original purpose: The processing of your recipes by production-related specifications for high-quality dough.  Individual baking plans, interlaced recipes and accurate weighing are understood. Furthermore the handling of the entire controlling is intuitive and self-explanatory.

EasyBack for confectionaries

Image-assisted recipe processing

By now, the technological advance has reached confectionaries where  consistent and high-quality products are demanded. In addition, there is a great variety of recipes that have to be handled variable due to seasonal products such as Christmas pastries. In contrast to bread products, pastry goods require besides 100 % weighing accuracy  also more substantial production steps,  whose  precise operational sequence are an important component for the quality of the end product. Another advantage of EasyBack includes  image-assisted recipe processing , which is offered in addition to all the features of the baking production. Using The EasyBack lite system  as standalone system would be a good choice for confectionaries and can be later connected to the bakery production for a unitized controlling and material administration.