Small component system

Fully automated weighing of your small components

In recipes for dough production, so-called small components are used. Often, these components account for only one-digit percentage. Normally, the weighing of simple components is carried out by the dough maker with a table balance. But if many different ingredients are required, which often vary with each recipe, the service of weighing by a fully automated small component installation can be very helpful.

Thi small component system stocks the small components in 20-100 kg containers and then weighs and distributes them fully automated via a screw conveyor. The modular small components system from engineer's office Stark is available for 4, 8, 12 and 16 components.  An extra service access includes a simple and reliable cleaning.

With EasyBack you are in a position to dose the main components as well as small components together for your dough production automaticaly.